• Introduction

    • CPR

      Cardio-Pulmonary Resusitation (CPR) is a live-saving procedure which requires an organised response. Effective CPR will depend on the preparedness of the event as well as the ability of all staff to promptly indefy cardiopulmonary arrest.

      By the end of this module you should be able to:

      1. Describe the process of CPR
      2. List ways to ensure that the team is prepared
      3. Discuss how to carry out effective chest compressions
      4. Explain how effectivly ventilate the patient
      5. Classify which emergency drugs might be administered
      6. Describe which monitoring equipment can be used during CPR
      7. Discuss the benifits of debreif afte CPR

    • CPD Information

         Tutor: Elle Haskey BSc(hons) RVN VTS(ECC) VPAC A1
         CPD Awarded: 20 minutes       
         CPD Category: Critical Care
         Delivered: April 2021