Introducing Blogs

Blogging is a great way for you to reflect on your professional development and earn CPD allowance at the same time.

On Bitesize CPD, you can blog about a range of subjects and also about a specific module you have completed.

Topics could include:

  • A Case Study
  • New skills developed
  • Attending a CPD event and what you've learnt from that
  • Reflection on completing various Bitesize CPD modules
  • New drugs/treatment/practice
  • Seasonal relevant content 
  • 'How To' guides 
  • Hints, tips and useful techniques

Your blog should try and have a reflective angle to it, even when sharing techniques.

How you're using it in your daily practice, for example, and the impact it has had on you professionally.

Please note: Whilst you can reference articles you have read, we can't accept posts purely about further reading.

Writing your Blog post

You have two choices when writing a Blog post:

  1. A site-wide post that can be related to any of the subjects listed above
  2. A module-specific post, related solely to the module you have completed

To start a site-wide Blog post, simply navigate to the Blog menu at the top and get writing.

To write a module-specific Blog post, go to that Module and locate the Blog Block in the Sidebar. From there you can click on the link to blog specifically about that module.

Please note:

  • You can type your blog directly in to the Blog post or copy and paste from a document, however some formatting may be lost.
  • You cannot copy and paste images in to you blog, but you can drag them in to the text editor.
  • Use the toolbar to help with formatting and adding other elements such as YouTube videos. There's a User Tour on the Site Blog page, which explains how it all works.

Receiving your CPD

When you save and share your Blog post, course and site tutors will be notified. Upon reading and approving your blog you will be awarded your badge worth 60 minutes of CPD.

Useful Resources

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